Villages Can only be 5 but you can destroy villages

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Villages Can only be 5 but you can destroy villages

Post  Head Admin on Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:40 am

There can only be 5 so message me with your village.

1.) Hidden Rogue Village: An under ground village. The location is only known by the village. Many rogue ninjas come here and the former kage of the leaf village leads the village. It lies under ground in the middle of a forest on the side of a mountain.

2.) Hidden Leaf Village: Long destroyed by the great war. Surveying ninja try to rebuild it.

3. Hidden Mist/Rain Village: This village is in the middle of a large lake. A large 20 meter wide bridge goes from the village to dry land. No one knows how deep the lake is and it goes on for miles.

4. Hidden Snow Village: There is a dome of ice under the snow that is the village. there is a long stairway to get outside. Thick ice keeps solid defense.

5. Hidden Sand Village: When pain was defeated the shukaku was released from the statue and Gaara claimed its power. Useing his power over sand he maid a village maid of iron and regular sand. This power let him revive the village.

In this world pain succeeded and destroyed the 5 great Nations but the surveying ninja killed him.
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