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Ranked JUTSU

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Ranked jutsu:

Genin- E-C
Chunin- E-B
Jonin- E-A
Kage assigned position - All (This means like Vice Kage, Kage, Anbu, Head of your clan )

If it is not ranked then it is the same rank as the character who used it, if the rank of the character is unknown then ask a kage or admin.

All Uchiha clan genjutsu rang is 5 meters

Bone Film - Jonin
Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru [removal of the spine] - Jonin
Tessenka no Mai: Hana [flowering bone spear] - Jonin
Sawaribi no Mai: ANBU

Kibaku Nendo:

Exploding clones :
Genin: 2 clones
Chuunin: 3 clones
Jonin: 4 clones
ANBU: 5 clones
ANBU Elite, Kage: 6 clones

Clay insects:
Genin, Chuunin: 2 sets of 10 insects
Jounin, ANBU: 3 sets of 10 insects
ANBU Elite: 4 sets of 10 insects

Clay Variants:
Anything larger than a small clay bird etc,will be deducted as one of the users clay clones when used.

C2: Chunin
C3: Jonin
Kibaku Nendo: Kyuukyoyu Geijutsu [Exploding Clay: Ultimate Art (Unnamed)]: ANBU Elite


Amaterasu: ANBU*
Magen: Kyouten Chiten: Jonin
Kamui: ANBU
Tsukuyomi: Jonin*
Susanoo: EMS
Utakata: ANBU
Magen Kasegui no Jutsu: Jonin

*After using one of the 3 eye techniques, the user will become fatigued. He/she will be unable to use A-B ranked jutsu for the following turn, and will have slower reactions for the next 3 turns.This only counts for mangekyou,EMS is not affected by any doujutsu use.

Souma no Kou:

At chuunin level,the user will be able to use there 2nd body to keep a lookout from behind as well as listen out for attacks,and use basic projectile attacks,e.g thrown shuriken etc
The body separation will require users to reach Jonin level.
Enhanced physical abilities - Jonin


Shichuurou no Jutsu [Four Pillar Prison] - Jonin
Jukai Koutan [Birth of Dense Woodland] - ANBU
Users can only use either earth with wood, or water with wood, until they become Jonin then they use both water and earth


Makyou Hyoushou [Demonic Ice Crystal] - Jonin
Flash Freeze - Jonin
Ice Lens - ANBU
Souryuu Boufuusetsu - Jonin

Users can use only water with ice, or wind with ice, until they become Jonin then they use both water and wind

Sabaku Taisou [Desert Imperial Funeral]: Jonin
Shukaku no Tate [Shield of Shukaku]: Jonin
Suna Raishin - Jonin [can only be used with a source of lightning/lightning chakra]

Kumonenkin [ Spider Sticky Gold] Chuunin
Kumosenkyuu: Suzaku [Spider Warbow: Horrible Split] Chuunin
Cursed Seal level 2 abilities not mentioned will be assumed at Jonin level.

Staff manipulation at Jonin Level
Chou Baika no Jutsu -ANBU
Akimichi Crest Food Pills at ANBU,red pill will at ANBU Elite


Satetsu Kiri -Jonin
Satetsu Roozu - ANBU
Satetsu Kaihou - ANBU

Sennin Moodo

Sennin Moodo - Chuunin
Senpou • Fuuton Sunabokori - Chuunin
Senpou • Goemon - Jounin
Senpou • Kawazu Naki - Jounin
Senpou • Kebari Senbon - Chuunin
Senpou • Oodama Rasengan - Anbu
Magen • Gamarinshou - Anbu
Frog Katas - Jounin

Shoton [Crystal Style]

Crystal Aromor - Chuunin
Arrow of Light - Jounin
Kurenai no Kajitsu - Jounin
Crystal Encampment Wall - Anbu
Crystal Needles - Chuunin
Kesshō Gokakurō - Jounin
Giant Crystal Dart - Genin
Suishō Tō - Genin
Suishō Rokkakuchū - Anbu Elite
Suishō Meikyū - Anbu Elite
Suishō Kyō - Chuunin
Suishō Rō - Jounin
Suishōheki Hachi no Jin - Anbu
Shuriken Ranbu - Chuunin
Hashō Kōryū - Chuunin
Omiwatari no Jutsu - Jounin
Kyodai Rokkaku Shuriken - Chuunin
Rokkaku Shuriken - Genin
Rokkaku Shuriken: Ranbu - Genin
Suishō Bunshin no Jutsu - Chuunin
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