Rules SO FAR

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Rules SO FAR

Post  Head Admin on Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:04 am

1 All refereeing will be done by admins.

3. You may have 2 profiles If your A kage

4. Ranking system:

Your kage choses when to promote you. Like in the tv show

5. When killed you will pretend that you actually died your characters rp role restarts. Weather you keep your rank is decided by the kage

6. Ranked Jutsu: We use or If it is not ranked then ask an admin what the rank is

7. ** For movement and use Quotations for

8. Only tailed beast can do soiled SHADOW clones. Element clones are for everyone.

9. Once you enter you may run away, but you can just say i run away you have to say how you got away.

10.A second player can join the fight turning the fight from a 1v1 to 1v2, 1v1 to 2v2, or 1v2 to 2v2, depending on who joins who.

11. Hidden moves or jutsu [done outside of the opponent's line of sight] have to be revealed the following turn unless they require time to be unveiled [meaning noticed]. And also, only one can be used in a turn.

12. If your opponent keeps you waiting over 15 hours you get another turn

13. You can only register for one weapon. We all have the fallowing kuni, wire, smoke bombs ect. small things like that. (not exp tags unless your in kono.)

14. When going from genin to chunin to jonnin you must take an exam. (unless you really impress a kage.)

15. A character can only have one kekkei genkai.

16. You can Kawarimi with your opponent, but there will be a catch. Your opponent will have to be of a lower level.

17. You cannot use Edo Tensei to summon a player that you are fighting against. Aside from this, when summoned, you will have no choice.

18. Missions can be given by many of the upper ranked members of your village.

19. You can actually destroy a village. If your village is destroyed all you have to rebuild, or a new village will take its place.
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